Custom Made Tabs
Mach 2 Press now can make custom made tabs.

Perfect Bind / Hard Bound Covers
Mach 2 press now offers Perfect bound books & Hard bound covers.

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Colour & Black & White Copying / 6 Colour Printing /
Full Bindery Finishing Services


Digital Printing colour documents on demand.


With Mach 2 Press, you do not have to stock your colour documents, you can change the content on the fly and print whenever you like and whatever quantity  you want.  We can help you develop highly targeted customized communications and print them in efficient quantities to increase your chances of success and reduce waste.  With all the latest technology Mach 2 Press has become the technology printer of choice for speed, value and creative solutions to make your business documents effective. We offer the latest in design and delivery of your printed materials.

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Offset Printing

Mach 2 Press continues to provide full-service “traditional” offset printing in addition to digital printing so we may fulfill all your business print requirements from 1 colour printing to 6 colour printing. Offset printing presses can print on paper stocks and odd sizes that may not normally be fed through digital printers Preprinted coloured shells for newsletters and menus provide an economical alternative; your black text can be laser-printed or photocopied onto shells as frequently as necessary. Tell people about your corporate or personal event with offset-printed panel card invitations, R.S.V.P. cards and matching envelopes. Corporate stationery professionally printed that adheres to your visual identity standards.

Colour Copying

The range of copy services that Mach 2 Press provides is from basic b&w high-speed copying to full colour Digital printing.  Mach 2 Press continues to develop its core services to meet the ever-changing need for efficient and cost effective document management.

Copy Products

Reports & Manuals
Press Releases
Flyers & Brochures
Information Booklets
Minutes & Bulletins
Form Letters/Proxies
Legal Documents
Price Lists/Catalogues
Shareholder Reports
Training/Seminar Materials


Colour Laser Copies.

Mach 2 Press can add colour to any b&w original or copy from an existing full-colour document. So now there's nothing stopping you from adding the power of colour to your reports. Each of our colour Digital copiers is equipped with added features such as reduction, enlargement, mirror, image deletion, etc. Simply supply us with your photo and the size or area to reduce it to and we'll do the rest or supply us with your cd, zip disk and print directly to our Xerox Doc 12.


Mach 2 Press can bind your documents for that professional look you want for your proposals, presentations, and training manuals. A quarter inch margin on your documents is necessary to make room for the binding.

Coil Binding

Spiral plastic coil binding is a continuous PVC (plastic) filament formed into the shape of a spring (coil). Spiral coil is spun, or threaded, into the document along the punched holes.  Plastic coil binding creates permanent lie-flat documents that turn 360 degrees.

Cerlox Binding

Plastic binding is one of the most popular binding styles, Plastic comb bindings are available in a variety of colors and diameters. Many styles of covers may be used and a variety of materials can be combined in the same book. Plastic Comb binding offers the utmost in flexibility with the ease of adding or deleting pages by simply by rebinding the book. Comb binders are easily customized by printing or screening on the spine to meet your specific needs.

Wire Binding

Double wire is a continuous metal wire that is formed into pairs of loops that are connected together to make up a binding element. After the pages are loaded onto the element, the wire is closed into a circular shape. Double Wire gives your books a very professional appearance, allows the pages to turn very easily, and lets the book lay completely flat when open.

Booklet making

Bound with staples along its folded edge, this finishing touch is used most commonly with newsletters, company bulletins and catalogs.

Hot Foil Stamping

Perfect for adding your logo or any type to your project.

Perfect Binding

Binds any number of pages in a booklet with hot glue.

Hard Bound Covers

Hardbound books have a ridged cover and is locked in for pages not to fall out.

Cutting & Drilling

Mach 2 Press can help you cut your postcards, greeting cards, birthday cards or thank you notes.  Mach 2 Press can also have your copies drilled with three hole for three-ring binders.


Mach 2 Press can help you prepare your work that requires folding, such as brochures, menus, and event programs or other documents. Mach 2 Press offers both machine and manual folding. Options include: Half-folds / Tri-folds Gate-folds / Z-folds.

We can prepare any number of folded documents for your special event or business meeting.


Mounting is a lightweight backing that adds stability and durability to your piece. It's excellent for wall mounting and also allows your work to be displayed freestanding on an easel or table. Mach 2 Press can mount just about any document for you, including:

Ads  / Artwork  / Portfolio pieces / Posters / Presentation boards / Maps / Signs / etc.


Laminating is an effective way to protect a printed product from deterioration.
Your final product can be flexible, stiff and heavy by using a variety of available films.

What can you laminate?

Posters / Ads / Artwork / Bookmarks / Calendars / Maps / Badges & IDs / Certificates & Diplomas / Luggage tags / Documents / Menus / Photos / Presentations / VIP passes / etc.





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