Custom Made Tabs
Mach 2 Press now can make custom made tabs.

Perfect Bind / Hard Bound Covers
Mach 2 press now offers Perfect bound books & Hard bound covers.

MACH 2 PRESS                                                                                            Solutions in print

About Large Format Printing

Large-format digital colour printing has hundreds of applications and is amazingly cost effective.
Mach 2 Press Offers:

economical short-runs (1-200+), colourful, complex and photo-realistic reproduction

(1200 - 2400 dpi)

deadlines – usually 24 hours or less!


Mach 2 Press also offers mounting and laminating – call us for details.


What Size Image Can I Create?


Mach 2 Press has a Canon image Graph that can print images up to 60 inchs wide.
Any image exceeding these dimensions is reproduced in several equal sized sections with built-in overlaps, which can be re-assembled. In reality, this means that you can have a sales brochure the size of a bus!


Mach 2 Press is capable of producing prints with image areas up to 60” x 150’ in one sheet without seams.


The Finished Product!
You may only need your posters to be rolled up in a tube, or you may wish to have your posters mounted and laminated.
Mach 2 Press offers over a dozen different substrates for your mounted poster in a variety of colours, from lightweight card or Foam core through to heavy-duty Gator board, so we can match the strength you need.



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